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Warlord S2

versatile flail mower

The Warlord Series 2 range of versatile, linkage-mounted flail mowers excels in a wide range of applications including parks, reserves, roadsides and schools. Fitted with Trimax’s exclusive Gamma flails the Warlord S2 not only performs well in quality turf, but can also turn scruffy roadside overgrowth into a tidy lawn in a single pass, all without making any adjustments! It can also shred branches up to 75mm (3”) in diameter into fine mulch, making it an ideal orchard or vineyard machine.

Hinged front flaps allow large volumes of material into the cutting chamber, but close down to prevent it coming out again. The entire rear of the mower body is also hinged and different position settings can regulate how finely it chops orchard prunings and the amount of horsepower required for a job. An internal liner is fitted in high wear areas to make the machine much quieter during operation and allow replacement when worn.

For your heavy duty mowing requirements you can’t go past the Trimax Warlord S2.